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1. 1980 Canadian Almanac & Directory, book

Port Burwell Marine Museum
Eggshell white cover, title written mostly in red. Book is 1023 pages in length.

2. Accident Report

Elgin County Railway Museum
White gummed pad, labelled "Public Utilities Commission - London, Ont. - Accident Report" at the top. The page requests all information pertinent to an accident that has happened.

3. Arrival notice

Elgin County Railway Museum
Freight arrival notice for Thamesville, Ontario from London, Ontario. W/B no. 5869 from A. S. Dean.

4. Badge

Elgin County Railway Museum
Round brass stamped badge. Front has dull brass circle with the word "EXPRESS" stamped in lower part of circle. Circle surrounds an inner dark blue enamel area, partially hidden by a dull brass coloured maple leaf with red enameled "Canadian National". Back is bright brass with a threaded bolt and washer and the number 372 stamped in the upper right, just off center.

5. Bag of doll parts

Elgin County Museum
plastic baggie with misc. items found in the Moyes donation including doll hair, doll arms, bases for dolls

6. Baggage tag

Elgin County Railway Museum
053-02: baggage tag from Grand Trunk System- special duplicate check from Lawrence to Regina prov. or state route. Grand Trunk R'y system to junction point Chicago- trans to.... C most Paul to St. Paul- Great Northern Emerson- Can Northern to destination. Series 3, pat. 1906 695974. This tag indicates a journey from Lawrence Ontario by the Grand Trunk to Chicago Illinois to transfer to the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific Railway to St. Paul Minnesota then transfer to the Great Northern Railway and on to Emerson Manitoba to transfer to the Canadian Northern Railroad to go to Regina Saskatchewan.

7. Beachville station photograph

Elgin County Railway Museum
Black and white photograph of the Beachville Station. Showing on siding of the left side of a Grand Trunk Pacific box car 204279.

8. Binder of Freight Tariffs

Elgin County Railway Museum
Dark green stained binder with number 1 on spine and three metal pins to hold contents. The London and Port Stanley Railway Index of Freight Tariffs, going from May 1st, 1962 to many dates through the 1950's, 1940's and earlier.

9. binder of notes

Elgin County Museum
Navy blue binder containing typed and handwritten lists of Christmas card addresses.

10. Bird Figure

Elgin County Museum
Yoko bird, blue egg-shaped bird on wooden base, made of paited rocks, tag explaining 'yoko' birds, "I am a YOKO BIRD. You have never seen me before because I'm not yet in your world. But like your own HUMAN CHILDREN, I'm wondering what kind of world I will come into. I've heard all sorts of terrible things about you and your world, where I'm now. But I do hope none of it is true. Please (and I'm speaking for all the unborn Human Children too) make it a good world to come into- for soon, very soon, I'll be there."

11. Blueprint

Elgin County Railway Museum
Folded up blueprint. "Canadian National Rys. Three-way Split Switch". Appears to be a carbon copy.

12. Blueprint

Elgin County Railway Museum
Folded up blueprint. "Canadian National Railways Standard Track Shims". Appears to be a carbon copy.

13. book

Elgin County Museum
Vocal music book 'Mendelssohn's Elijah'- book is from the 'George Carrie Memorial Library' at Alma College. Book has burgundy cover.

14. book

Elgin County Museum
Book title, 'Weldon's Practical Fancy Dress For Ladies'. The book contains illustrations and descriptions of gowns and theatre costumes.

15. book

Elgin County Railway Museum
Full colour gloss paper covered book, titled "Stand Clear of the Doors/ Whiteby's Railway history/ From the first Tramway to GO". Author: Thomas Blampied- copyright 2010 Thomas Blampied. Published by Blurch Inc. San Francisco, USA. Front cover shows top old black and white picture labeled "Whitby Junction, G.T.R, Whitby, Ontario. Lower two-thirds of front cover shows colour picture of GO, engine 633. Back cover, in colour, shows railway crossing signal with a printed not (white letters) titled "Stand Clear of the Doors." 96 pages.

16. Book

Elgin County Railway Museum
Large, black leather, hardcover book of Canadian National Railways Standard Plans.

17. Book

Elgin County Railway Museum
Large black leather, hardcover book of Canadian National Railways Standard Plans.

18. Book

Elgin County Railway Museum
A Penn Central timetable for the Northern region (Canada, Detroit, Michigan). The book has a green cover with black and white text. This book was to go into affect at 4:01am Central Standard time on Sunday May 21st, 1972.

19. Book

Elgin County Railway Museum
A black plastic covered Conrail trainmen handbook. This handbook came into effect on September 1st, 1981.


Port Burwell Marine Museum
Large brown historical atlas of Elgin county. highly decorative. first page has a large crest with a lion and a unicorn on either side. book is "Didicated by Special Permission to his Excellency."

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