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Elgin County Railway Museum
Yellow cover booklet with black print from the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company and also the Baltimore and Ohio Railway Company. Labeled Rules and instructions for Train Handling

2. 1/32" Gage Worn Through Chill and Out of Round for 33 Inch Wheels

Elgin County Railway Museum
Grey metal gage with a hole and a point on each end. Reads "Gage for 1/32" Worn Through Chill and Out of Round for 33 Inch Wheels". Also engraved is "A.A.R." and "1959". Manufactured by Pratt & Whitney - Hartford, Conn. USA - 52 715 Y-3".

3. 8 Photographs of Various Locomotives

Elgin County Railway Museum
Various black and white photographs of different locomotives from either New York Central, Canadian National, and Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway. There are 8 photo's in the package. The engines displayed are: NYC 1115, CN 40, CN 2499, an unknown NYC engine on Talbot Street, St. Thomas, NYC 2046, NYC 7508, TH&B 103, and TH&B 502. Most are prints, but the photo with the NYC engine on Talbot Street is developed. They are inside a yellow envelope labelled 'Old Photos, Cliff'.

4. 9Hardware, Ballast Switch

Elgin County Railway Museum
a) Typed letter from Penn Central Company Detroit August 8, 1968. Shows 6 print updates for supervisors and assistant supervisors of track. b)Dwg#70003-A Penn Central Standard Railway Stone Ballast, july, 1968 shows 4 profiles. c)Dwg#71010-c Penn Central Standard 140 1b R.E Rails - June 1968 show front and side. d)Dwg#71160-c Penn Central Standard 140 R.E, F-1 joint Bar June, 1968. Shows front and side. e)Dwg#72011-A Penn Central Standard Tie Plates for 119 1b. Rail june, 1968 show side - top. f)Dwg#72022-M Penn Central Standard Tie Plate for 140 1b R.E Rail July 1968 shows side - top. g)Dwg#73166-B Penn Central Standard 16 feet 6 inches straight split switch insulated for 1191b Rail July 1968

5. 19 Maps of Various Destinations C.N.R.

Elgin County Railway Museum
2012.55.117 d
Various maps - Tourist map of Canada; Land Settlement in Canada; CNR World Map; Tourist Map of Canada; CNR Hotels of Distinction; Algonquin Park; Canada; CNR Tour Map of Canada; Tourist Map of Canada Bermuda and the BWIs (X2); CNR various pamphlets (X7); CNR Largest Railway System in America; CNR Map of Canada and U.S. (X2); The Midnight Sun; Le Reine.

6. 28th Annual Steam Passenger Service Directory (1993)

Elgin County Railway Museum
Soft cover book titled "28th Annual Steam Passenger Service Directory". An illustrated directory listing tourist-railroad, trolley, and railway-museum operations in Canada and United States. Published by Great Eastern Publishing, the book is 1993 Edition and has 315 pages.

7. 1201 - 40 Years Old and Still Going Strong Book (1984)

Elgin County Railway Museum
Soft cover book titled "1201 - 40 Years Old and Still Going Strong" edited by Philip B. Jago. 32 pages and published by the Bytown Railway Society 1984.

8. "1836-1986: A Tribute to Canada's First Railway on its Sequin-centennial."

Elgin County Railway Museum
"1836-1986: A Tribute to Canada's First Railway on its Sequin-centennial." This book is beige and black with a photo on the front of a steam engine and carriages with people milling about.

9. 1836-1986: A Tribute to Canada's First Railway on its Sequin Centennial

Elgin County Railway Museum
This book is titled: "1836-1986: A Tribute to Canada's First Railway on Its Sequin Centennial". It is beige and black. Photo on the front shows steam engine and carriages with people milling around

10. 1927 Canadian National Railway Certificate of Apprenticeship

Elgin County Railway Museum
Paper 'Certificate of Apprenticeship No. 299' from the Canadian National Railways. It reads 'This certifies C. Buckley has well and truly served as an apprentice of this Company from July 4th 1922 to July 4th 1927 in learning the art or trade of Freight Carman and that during his apprenticeship he received the requisite practical training and instruction necessary to qualify him to practice the said art or trade. The certificate is approved and signed by the Supervisor of Apprentices and Superintendant of Car Equipment.

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