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1. Book: 'Life of Colonel Talbot'

Elgin County Museum
Title- 'Life of Colonel Talbot' by Edward Ermatinger 1859. Inside cover has inscription 'Presented to M. A. Gilbert by --Ermatinger'. Small paper of Errata attached to Preface page.

2. Book: "'Life of Colonel Talbot"

Elgin County Museum
Title- 'Life of Colonel Talbot' by Edward Ermatinger 1859.

3. Brooch containing photograph of George Macbeth.

Elgin County Museum
Oval brooch contains photo of George Macbeth. Brooch is framed in brass with brass fittings on back.

4. Canadian National-Wabash Recreation Association Twenty Fifth Annual Banquet

Elgin County Railway Museum
Black and white CNR banquet programme located in Colonel Talbot room St Thomas Ontario. Includes an introduction, dinner menu, anthem, prize winners, Maple Leafs news, results for Swartz trophy, Mathews Challenge trophy, season highlights, financial statements and disbursements.

5. Chair

Elgin County Museum
Upholstered chair with dark beige velvet. Seat and back are upholstered, belonged to Colonel Thomas Talbot. Upholstered cushion and wooden board under seat are not attached.

6. Cloth

Elgin County Museum
Piece of white cloth with 'Coln Talbot', 11.1818' written on it.

7. Coloured newsprint

Elgin County Museum
Artists rendering of Colonel Talbot's home from the Star Weekly c. 1930's. Back of newsprint has partial story of the Dionne Quints. Glued to back: "Historic house of Coronel Talbot at Port Talbot, Elgin County, Ontario. By Marius Hubert Robert."

8. Commode

Elgin County Museum
Small hole in back, round hole in seat

9. Cradle

Elgin County Museum
2002.8.2a - 2e
Rectangular cradle suspended on wooden frame.

10. Deed

Elgin County Museum
Deed to Colin Ferguson signed by Colonel Thomas Talbot, 1824

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