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St. Thomas Times-Journal - 50th Anniversary Issue, September 3, 1931

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Elgin County Vertical File Collection
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Archives Storage Rm. 110
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Box 226, File 33
R11 S4 Sh6 B4
textual records
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Original and digitized copies of the first and second sections, and selected pages from the third section of the St. Thomas Times-Journal issue published September 3, 1931 marking the 50th anniversary of the St. Thomas Times-Journal newspaper. Print out of the digitized file is in ECVF Box 226, File 33; original sections in M1.
Contents itemized in index prepared by the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and published online at: (Scroll down to September 3) SECTION ONE: Page 1 c1 Article - 50 Years a Newspaper - Photo of Times Journal building Page 3 c3 Photo - Building where Evening Journal was published in the 1890`s c5 Photo - James S. Brierley of St Thomas Times Journal Page 4 c1 Article - John W. Eedy of St Thomas - Photo Page 5 c1 Photo - H. C. Hocken of St Thomas c1 Article - H. Dingman of St Thomas c4 Article - Archibald McLachlin of St Thomas - Photo c5 Article - Jonathan Wilkinson of St Thomas - Photo c5 Article - W. W. Stewart of St Thomas - Photo c6 Article - J. R. Balkwill of St Thomas c7 Article - William A. Buchanan of St Thomas - Photo Page 6 c1 Article - Staff of the St Thomas Times Journal - L. H. Dingman; Thomas Keith; C. F. C. MacIver; L. B. Birdsall; Herbert Ramsay; Robert Henderson; George M. Dingman; Nelson Douglas Whitmore; Gladys E. Elliott; Hugh Agnew; Blanche Taylor; W. L. Agnew; Gordon D. Agnew; Verna Lyle; Beatrice Cox; Teresa Mary Cluskey; Ola Coville; Erva Smith; Herbert William Tucker; Douglas Marshman Brayley; Eugene Penton Ray; John Wellington Meredith; John Brewer; F. G. Stanbury; Lewis Ward Hunter; Claude W. Herron; John Hunter; Wesley W. Stewart; Robert C. Symonds; Gordon Charles Stewart; Joseph George Hill; John W. Swindells; John E. Andrews; Charles H. Ritchie; Thomas Henry Swindells; Harry S. Swan; Walter B. Brodie; Sidney Frank Hare; James Harold Clarke; George Henry Raymond Bell; Charles M. Borbridge; Harold Ellis McNames; Jack Waite; William J. Irvine; Alex Bernard McAteer; Hazel Dennis; Catharine Crozier; Joseph William Grice Jr.; Kelland C. Popham; Neil Edward Cascadden; John A. Gillies; W. J. Stewart; Norma Smith; John McAdam; Bert Chilton; Vernon Ross; Elgar Alfred Bates; Alfred Joe Dines c5 Article - List of 77 Times Journal carriers c7 Article - William Trott of St Thomas c8 Article - David Meadows of St Thomas Page 7 c1 Article - Miss Mary FitzGibbon of St Thomas - Photo Page 8 c1 Article - St Thomas Schools in 1881 - 2 public, Collegiate and Separate Schools c3 Photo - N. M. Campbell, principal of Central School, now Wellington St. School Page 9 c1 Article - Elgin Regiment c5 Photo - Officers of the 25th Regiment in 1882 or 1883 Page 10 c1 Article - St Thomas Water and Gas c4 Photo - Thomas W. Rawlinson`s store on Talbot St., St Thomas c5 Article - Mrs Mary G. Calvert of St Thomas c6 Article - William Potticary of St Thomas Page 11 c1 Article - Southern Counties Fair in 1881 - Photo SECTION TWO: Page 13 c1 Photo - The Collegiate Institute; The Town Hall; The Central School; The Canada Southern Bridge; The Air Line Bridge; The Post Office; Roman Catholic Church; Turville Mill; Grace Methodist Church; Talbot St. Page 14 c1 St Thomas City Council c8 Photo - Dr William C. VanBuskirk in 1881 and later Page 16 c5 Photo - Claris Opera House (later the Grand), Talbot St., St Thomas Page 17 c1 Article - Alma College - Photo Page 18 c1 Article - Dr J. H. Coyne of St Thomas - Photo Page 19 c1 Article - St Thomas Railroads in 1881 - Photo Page 20 c1 Article - History of the I. O. O. F. Band, St Thomas c3 Photo - Family of Samuel Barrett - Mrs Alfred Nevill, William, Jack and Sam Barrett Page 22 c1 Article - Baseball in St Thomas c3 Photo - Robert D. Emslie c5 Photo - St Thomas Atlantics Baseball Team in the 1880`s - Tom Carrie; George Corbett; George Duffy; Peter Caughell; Dave Howse; Wes Pauline; Frank J. Moore; Nelson Gadsby; Billy Boughner; Joe Fitzpatrick Page 23 c1 Article - St Thomas Medical Profession in the 1880`s - Dr Andrew H. Miller c6 Article - William Kimbel of St Thomas Page 24 c1 Article - List of citizens in St Thomas in 1881 and still here in 1931 c4 Article - J. A. Beckett`s Bakery, St Thomas c4 Photo - I. O. O. F. Band - H. Mitchener; J. Goodwin; G. Anderson; F. Cantello; G. Cripps; R. Johnson; R. Bates; R. Smart; E. Hillis; W. Martin; J. Brown; J. Scott; L. Blackmore SECTION THREE: Page 36 c1 Article - William Foote of St Thomas - Photo c6 Article - George Burke of St Thomas - Photo c7 Article - Cal Ellis of St Thomas Page 37 c1 Article - Charles F. Maxwell of St Thomas c1 Article - Angus McCrimmon of St Thomas c5 Article - Francis Hunt of St Thomas - Photo Page 41 c1 Article - Churches in St Thomas in the 1880`s c3 Photo - Old St Thomas Church c7 Photo - Rev Dr William Flannery of the RC Church, St Thomas Page 42 c1 Article - Bill Kissane, formerly of St Thomas a Notorious Criminal c1 Article - St Thomas Telephone System c3 Photo - St Thomas Fire Department in 1887 - H. Raynor; William Foote; B. Reice; William Barclay; William Grimstead; Richard Small; Frank Revell; A. Bowlby; T. Robinson; Peter Brown; H. Crack; F. Doggett; A. Henderson; Christopher Calcott; J. Hillier; James Foley; W. H. Waubourn; Sam Bowlby; J. Hayes; H. Calver; N. Gadsby c4 Article - Mrs Grace Fuke, 92nd year - Photo c6 Article - Col. Richard Airey of St Thomas, son of Gen. Sir George Airey and the Hon. Katherine Talbot; husband of the Hon. Harriet Mary Everard Talbot the third daughter of James third Lord Talbot of Malahide (she was his cousin); father of Katherine Margaret Cotterell, wife of Sir Geers Henry Cotterell; nephew of Col. Thomas Talbot c6 Article - E. J. Schreck of St Thomas c7 Article - John Homer of St Thomas, owner of Homer`s Quick Lunch - Photo of store front Page 45 c4 Article - Thomas Arkell of St Thomas - Photo c5 Article - Thomas N. Nairn of St Thomas - Photo
St. Thomas (Ont.)
St. Thomas Times-Journal

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