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St. Thomas Times-Journal - Confederation Issue, June 29, 1927

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Original and digitized copies of the third and fourth sections of the St. Thomas Times-Journal issue published June 29, 1927 marking the 60th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. Print out of the digitized file is in ECVF Box 226, File 32; original sections in M1.
Contents itemized in index prepared by the Elgin County Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society and published online at THIRD SECTION Page 1 c1 Photo - Lumber yard of A. McKillop & Sons, West Lorne c1 Photo - Tobacco crop in Aldborough Township c2 Photo - Elgin County Court House c2 Map - County of Elgin c2 Photo - Dairy industry, milk production in Elgin County c3 Photo - Apple orchard c3 Photo - Vegetables Page 2 c1 Photo - Oxen team of Garnet Chambers, Aylmer c3 Photo - T. M. Nairn, Warden of Elgin 1866 - 1871 c3 Photo - Southwold Township S.S. 1 (Boxall) c3 Photo - Southwold Township S.S. 8 (Frome) c4 Photo - David Crosson, Reeve of Southwold and Warden of Elgin County, 1927 c5 Photo - 'Selldon', the home of William Sells at Payne's Mills built in 1830 c6 Photo - Home of Col. Talbot at Port Talbot c7 Photo - Home of J. J. Black and his son Glen Black, Union Road between Fingal and Port Stanley. c5 Advertisement - population 50000, total area 436850 acres or 700 square miles, six main railways with 45 passenger trains daily, Elgin County Board of Trade: R.A. Penhale, President and F.S. Thomas, Secretary. Page 3 (Tobacco growing) c1 Article - John A. Miller, "Elgin's Oldest Living Warden" reminisces. Miller was Elgin County Warden in 1883. c1 Photo - Tobacco crop c1 Photo - Home of Jehiel York, South Yarmouth, off Fruit Ridge Road, constructed ca. 1830. c2 Photo - Planting tobacco on the Fruit Ridge Road, Yarmouth farm of M. F. Hepburn, Elgin West MP - shows horse-drawn planter. c4 Photos (2) - Tobacco plants from "hot beds" on farm of Mitchell F. Hepburn. c5 Photo - Tobacco farm of J. L. Thayer & Son, Aylmer c7 Photo - H. J. McManus of Gravel Rd., tobacco grower - shows cured tobacco loaded on wagon. c7 Photo - "Curing barn" (kiln?) on Alex Anderson & Son tobacco farm on London and Port Stanley Rd., Yarmouth. Page 4 (History of Aylmer) c1 Article - Davis Brothers of Aylmer - walked from Albany, NY in 1809 and settled c1 Photo - Talbot St. Aylmer looking east from John St. c2 Photo - South side of Talbot St., Aylmer looking west from the old Central Hotel. c5 Photo - Homes of Martin Kidd, Mr & Mrs Harold White, A. W. Pierce, Emerson McTaggart and E. A. Caughell all of Aylmer. c5 Article - "Taxi war" of 1870s. c6 Article - Early Aylmer newspapers: Herald (1867), Enterprise (later Express) (1869). c7 Article - Caverly & Horton packing house (i.e. slaughter house). c5-8 Advertisements (all for Aylmer businesses): Durkee & Son, drygoods store; Central Hotel; H.B. Westover, agent, International Harvester Co. and McCormick Deering Line; Christie's, drygoods store; Robinson Studio, photography; The Aylmer Inn, A. Appleyard, prop.; Wm. Stephenson merchant tailors, Tip-Top clothes; Aylmer - population 2300, Carnation Milk Co. pays $100000 monthly in wages and to purchase milk from local suppliers, Magil Hat Co., Clerk D.C. Davis. Page 5 (History of Aylmer) c1 Photo - Canadian Canners plant, Aylmer. c1 Article and Photos (2) - Samuel S. Clutton, Aylmer's first mayor (1887) - shown in 1887 and 1927 (then residing in Vienna). Responsible for establishing Aylmer waterworks. c1 Illustrated advertisement - Caverly & Horton Pork Packers. c5 Article - Carnation Milk Plant founded by David Marshall. c5 Photo - Carnation Milk Plant, Aylmer. c5 Advertisement - Capitol Theatre, Aylmer. c5 Illustrated advertisement - Carnation Milk. c7 Advertisement - Aylmer Motor Sales. Page 6 (History of Dutton) c1 Photo - A. J. Leitch, first Reeve of Dutton in 1900. c2 Photo - Dutton, Main St. c2 Photo - Dutton Council, 1927 - J. D. Blue; Gordon McKellar; J. A. McNeil; D. Campbell; James Bruce; Arthur Armstrong; S. C. Kirkland; A. McCallum; J. A. Cameron. c4 Photo - Donald Campbell, treasurer of Dutton, appointed in 1893. c5 Photo - Main St., Dutton during the visit of the Governor General of Canada, Lord Aberdeen in 1896. c1-8 Advertisements: J.U. Brown Garage, Shackleton St. West; Kirkland's Drug Store, F.D. Kirkland Phm. B.; R.H. Affleck, ice cream, candy, lunches; Queens Hotel; Jas. D. Black & Son Garage; R. Kemp Panter, general merchant; Star Billiard Parlors, Frank Green prop.; J. Bambridge & Co., jewelers and opticians; Cantelon Studio, photography; J.B. Crawford Estate, established 1886, "The Largest Retail Hardware and Grocery Store in Western Ontario"; J.W. McKenzie, general merchant; Dutton - population 900, new high school under construction, Reeve S.C. Kirkland, Clerk J.D. Blue. Page 7 (History of Dutton) c1 Article - Caledonian Games, Dutton. c1 Photo & article - Chicken Hatchery of A. Keillor and son S. E. Keillor of Wallacetown - in former Wallacetown cheese factory that Keillor operated for many years. c3 Photo - T. Hockin Co., Dutton employees in the 1890s - Lillian Bearss; M. Vincent; Mrs Wilbur McKee, nee Mary McLean; William Hockin, Mrs Alex Turner, nee Jennie McArthur; Walter Caves; Mrs Lawson Millican, nee Flo McNeil; Mrs Platt, nee Kate Graham; Joseph Hockin; Donald Campbell; Mrs William Hockin, nee Mary McCallum; Mrs Snellgrove, nee Berdie Cavers. c6 Photo - Memorial Hall, Dutton. c5-8 Advertisements: A. McCallum, tailor; McIntyre House hotel, Charles Dubrick, prop.; Strathcona Creamery, R.E. Fraser, prop.; B.J. Schultz funeral service; A.E. Roberts drug store; Dutton Flour Mills, W. Hollingshead, prop.; The T. Hockin Co. Ltd. department store (founded 1880); H.J. Hales "Elgin Gardens" in the "Dutton Swamp"; Vimy Ridge Shoe Hospital, H.J. Smith, prop. Page 8 (History of Rodney) c1 Article - Establishment and development of Rodney (incorporated 1907), formerly Centreville. c2 Photo - Main St., Rodney (1927?) c3 Photo - First Council, Rodney - J. D. Shaw; J. J. Mistele; B. B. Graham; E. G. Lusty; N. S. Lusty; D. Mistele; D. Markle. c5 Photo - Main St., Rodney in 1873 (good quality version in Rodney Tweedsmuir History). c1 Advertisements: T.A. Fairles, grocer and butcher, Rodney; Canada Wood Products, Rodney, W.F. Thomas, prop., head office 406 Talbot St., St. Thomas. c3 Illustrated advertisements: Misses Martini Hat Shoppe, Rodney; Ford automobiles, D.A. Scott, Rodney agent. c5 Advertisement - Rodney - Reeve E.G. Lusty, weekly newspaper circulation of 1300. Page 9 (History of Rodney) c1 Article - History of Elgin County Council, including list of Wardens, 1852-1927. c1 Photo - Rodney Town Hall. c3 Photo - Rodney fire truck and VFD Chief George L. Mistele. c3 Program - Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Rodney. c6 Photo - Rodney School. c1-8 Advertisements (all for Rodney businesses): Hotel Royal; A.J. Leibner, furniture and house furnishings; Wray's Book Store; The Mercury newspaper, Ernest Lashbrook, publisher; E.J. Schmid, jewelers; H.W. Thomason, druggist; R.A. Kerr, dealer in Studebaker and Star automobiles; J.A. McLean, insurance and real estate, and agents for Massey-Harris farm equipment; L.J. Schnekenburger, Rodney Garage, auto repairs; Mistele's Limited, general merchants; Mistele's Hardware Co. Page 10 (History of West Lorne) c1 Article - Settlement and development of West Lorne. Named for Marquess of Lorne, Governor General of Canada, 1878-1883. Explanation of village being named both Bismarck and West Lorne. c1 Photo - Main St., West Lorne. c2-3 Photos - Archibald McKillop and John C. Schliehauf, "fathers of West Lorne". c4 Photo - A. McKillop & Sons dock at Eagle Landing, used to ship lumber and later by fishermen. c5 Photo - Canadian Canners plant, West Lorne. c7 Article - West Lorne Women's Institute trying to organize construction of a town hall. c1-8 Advertisements (all for West Lorne businesses): The Argyle House hotel, J.A. Gilbert prop.; McKillop & Ferguson hardware merchants and tobacco machinery; Cullen & Son funeral service; The Elgin Sun newspaper, Ernest Lashbrook publisher (later the West Lorne Sun); West Lorne ad with reference to Seaman-Kent flooring, Canadian Canners, A. McKillop & Sons Ltd. lumber and flour mills - Milner turned goods, handles, whiffletrees; Lemon's drygoods etc. Page 11 (History of Aldborough Township) c1 Article - James Crane of Aldborough, Aldborough's first settler in 1811, had no permanent neighbour until 1816. c1 Photo - H. Swain & Sons greenhouses at Eagle (business established in 1914) c3 Photo - Disciples Church at Eagle, built in 1866 and still in use in 1927. c3 Photo - Baptist (Old School) Church at Brock's Creek west of Eagle; solid walnut seats; meetings once per year. c4 Photo - Nicol McColl, elected MP for West Elgin at Confederation. c5 Photo - Thomas Dobbie, elected MP for East Elgin at Confederation. c5 Article - West Elgin Elections 1867 - 1927. c5 Article - East Elgin Elections 1867 - 1927. c7 Photo - Daniel Luton, elected MPP for East Elgin at Conderation. c1-8 Advertisements: Frank Webber Billiard Room and recreation Parlors; Baldwin, Evans & Co. Ltd. general merchants; R.T. Root, general merchant, West Lorne; Whynot Gardens, Henry Swain & Sons, props., West Lorne; A. McKillop & Sons Ltd., lumber, West Lorne; W.H. Bole, real estate, West Lorne; Township of Aldborough - population 3000, area 78000 acres including villages, "lakefront of Aldborough Township now owned by Detroiters for summer cottages", Reeve D. Lindsay, Clerk J.A. McRae. Page 12 (History of Port Burwell) c1 Article - Port Burwell c1 Photo - McConnell Nursery Company, Port Burwell c5 Photo - Harbour at Port Burwell c1-8 Advertisements: T.R. Ives, confectionery, ice cream, lunches catered, novelties; The McConnell Nursery Co.; S. Shipp, parking, camping, beach, dancing; Iroquois Park, picnic grounds, bathing beach, dance hall, cottages to rent, L.M. Fraser prop.; E.C. Spragge, funeral director, also selling furniture, wallpaper, radios; Sand Hills, 10 miles east of Port Burwell, picnics, bathing and camping grounds. Page 13 (History of Bayham Township and Vienna) c1 Article - Vienna c1 Photo - Village of Vienna c4 Article - Bayham c3 Programme- Grand Diamond Jubilee Celebration, July 1, 1927 at Vienna c1-8 Advertisements: Village of Vienna - population 300, Mr. McAllister reeve, 2 natural gas companies in operation; Vienna High School - list of staff; P.L. Williams general store, Port Burwell; J.H. Sutherland & Co. general merchant, Port Burwell; Straffordville - population 400, Standard Bank branch, branch of Toronto City Dairy in operation; Township of Bayham - population 3120, area 58782 acres, H. Godwin, Reeve, B. Brian, Clerk. Page 14 (History of Springfield) c1 Article - Springfield c1 Photo - Public and Continuation School, Springfield c4 Photo - Main St., Springfield c4 Photo - Carnation Milk Products condenser, Springfield c1-8 Advertisements: Springfield Public and Continuation School - 5 teaching rooms, "built of rug brick", Chairman R.E. Clunas, Secretary Treasurer G.W. Collins; Harris Bros. - flour, feed, coal, coke, cement, grass seed; L.O. Purdy, baker and confectioner, Harrietsville and South Malahide phone numbers; Arthur Barons, hydro chopping mill, grain, mill feed, seeds, coal, cement, salt, Harrietsville phone numbers for office and residence; The White Hotel, Thos. White prop.; M.M. Black, J.P., licensed money lender, fire insurance, real estate, loans and mortgages; Springfield - "Home of Dominion Canners and carnation Milk Products", "Best School Accommodation in the Province", "A Good Brass Band", Reeve K.M. Sinclair, Clerk G.W. Collins. Page 15 (History of South Dorchester, "Elgin's Only Inland Township") c1 Article - South Dorchester: original settlers were Isaac Willis and Archibald McLachlin (arrived 1826) c1 Article - Straffordville (originally Sandytown, population 190), Eden (population 51), Corinth (population 93) and Richmond (population 103) in North Bayham. c1 Photo - Talbot St., Straffordville. c4 Photo - Farm of J. E. Lindsay near Springfield. c6 Photo - Prize Holstein on farm of Giles Martin & Sons, Fairlee Farm, Springfield. c6 Article - Port Burwell as a shipbuilding town. c1-8 Advertisements: D.G. Gilles, funeral services, motor hearse, honor graduate; W.H. Cathers, Springfield, barber, tobacco; R.E. Cook, Springfield, billiards, cigars, ice cream, soft drinks; Geo. Sitts, Springfield, barber and tobacconist; Vincent Garage and Blacksmith, Springfield, agent for Chrysler; A.A. Clunas, Springfield, groceries, fruits, candies, seeds; George Craik, Springfield, building supplies, general contractor; N. Spring Garage and Machine Shop, Springfield; T.G. Winder, general merchant, Lyons; South Dorchester - population 1376, area 25000 acres, Reeve W.W. Kiddie, Clerk M.S. Charlton. Page 16 (History of Port Stanley) c1 Article - Port Stanley c1 Photo of drawing, possibly from a perspective map, showing Fraser Heights, Fraser House, stairway joining beach and Heights, main beach, wooden pier/excursion boats dock. Said to show Port Stanley as it was in 1867. c5 Photo - View of Port Stanley lakefront from Fraser Heights, including recently completed London & Port Stanley Railway Dance Pavilion (later Stork Club). c5 Photo - Hillcrest Inn, Port Stanley c1-8 Advertisements: Smith's Place, refreshments etc., J.W. Smith prop., board walk; Jones Bros. Garage and Blacksmith Shop, Bridge St.; Shooting Gallery, M. Regan prop., board walk; The Cosy Casino, featuring "Cunningham's Marines" orchestra; Hill Crest Inn, 200 feet above the lake, accommodation for 100 guests, running water in all rooms, music during dinner hour; Mackie's Orangeade, "since 1910", "always sold at 5c a glass and always will - George Mackie", board walk. Page 17 (History of Port Stanley) c3 Photo - Christ Church (Anglican), Port Stanley (erected 1845) c5 Photo - Hopkins Casino, Port Stanley c5 Article - Hillcrest Inn, Port Stanley c1-8 Advertisements: Da-He-De-Nah, "famous Indian palmist and phrenologist", "one price only", "near the Casino Board Walk"; Sobel's Florida Fruit Orangeade, three board walk concession locations; A.J. Nicholas, grocer, Bridge St.; Rexall Pharmacy, W.C. Wheaton Phm. B., chocolates, Columbia records, Kodak films and cameras, sunburn creams; W.J. Young, billiard parlor with 8 tables, Bridge St.; Penny Arcade, merry go-round and shooting gallery, E.E. Bertrand prop., board walk; Wm. Levack, baker, Colborne St. next to Post Office; Port Stanley Studio, music lessons, Howard Gordon; Wendell Holmes book store; W.E. Eastwick, grocer, Bridge St.; W. Williamson, "The Old Reliable Ice Man"; Burke's Hardware; W.H. Hipkiss, butcher; C.J. Ross, "Golden Corn Crisp", homemade taffy, board walk; Pollick and Sons, trucks, taxi, teams, stevedore work; Port Stanley - "The Coney Island of All Canada!","over 400 fine summer cottages", "Daily Passenger and freight Service to Cleveland". Page 18 (History of Dunwich) c1 Photo - Memorial Cairn at the Talbot Estate, Port Talbot. c1 Photo - Grave of Col. Thomas Talbot, St Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery, Tyrconnell. c3 Photo - Wallacetown, looking west on Talbot Road (No. 3 Highway). c4 Article - Iona c6 Photo - St Peter's Anglican Church, Tyrconnell built in 1828 c7 Article - Wallacetown c5 Advertisement: Township of Dunwich - population 2500, area 69620 acres, Reeve D. McKillop, Clerk Duncan McNab. Page 19 (History of Yarmouth) c1 Article - Yarmouth c1 Photo - Home of Charles E. Locke, Edgeware Rd. c1 Photo - Home of Duncan Somerville, Concession 4, Yarmouth, Peach Ridge Road. c2 Photo - Sanderson family home, Sparta. c3 Photo - Yarmouth Township Hall at Yarmouth Centre. c3 Article - Sir Oliver Mowat. c4 Photo - Home of W. R. Rewbotham of Port Stanley. c5 Article - Sparta. c6 Article - Howard Gordon opening a summer music school at Port Stanley. c7 Photo - Society of Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, Sparta c7 Photo - Apple Evaporator at Sparta c5 Advertisement: Yarmouth - population 4900, area 70000 acres, 150 miles of good township roads, 25 schools, Council and Staff: D.J. McIntyre, reeve; F.R. Taylor, first deputy reeve; Albert Archibald, second deputy reeve; W.A. Butler, councillor; S.J. Smith, councillor; W.C. Caughell, clerk; R.C. Marlatt, treasurer; Don F. Turner, assessor; Chas. E. Locke, collector; J.R. Teeple, superintendent of highways. Page 20 (History of Malahide) c1 Article - Malahide - had first school in Elgin in 1816. c1 Photo - "One of the many fine barns in Malahide Township". c2 Photo - Y. W. C. A. Camp, Catfish Creek, Port Bruce. c2 Article - Carnation Milk Products. c3 Photo - "an old picture of Port Bruce". c3 Photo - Aylmer Public Library. c5 Article - Canadian Canners, Aylmer - founded by David Marshall and T.M. Nairn. c6 Photo - Aylmer Post Office. c7 Photo - typical Malahide Holstein herd at pasture. c7 Article - Aylmer Waterworks, founded by Samuel S. Clutton. c5 Advertisement: population 2800, area 62450 acres, Reeve H. Westover. Page 21 c1 Article - Southwold. c1 Article - Fingal: "A manufacturing centre since 1848". c1 Photo - Talbot Road, Fingal looking East. c3 Photo - Public & Continuation School, Fingal. c3 Photos - Residence and barn on the farm of John Lethbridge & Son, Scotch Rd., Fingal. c3 Article - Shedden (Wilkie's Corners in 1867). c4 Photo - Home (built 1902) of Duncan Brown (born 1844) and son between Iona and Shedden. c6 Photo - Main St. (Highway No. 3), Shedden. c7 Photo - Thomas Futcher homestead on Talbot Rd. near Middlemarch. Reference to Dr. Thomas D. Futcher, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD. c5 Advertisement: Southwold - population 3642; area 75000 acres; Reeve D. Crosson, Lawrence Station; Clerk J.C. McClennan, Fingal. Page 22 (Elgin County's Record of Service in the First World War) c1 Article - "Elgin's Splendid Record of Service in the War" (First World War) c1 Photo - Elgin County's first contingent to deploy for service in WW1 (August 22, 1914) at the L&PS Railway Depot on Kains St., St. Thomas. c1 Photo - 91st Battalion on troop train at MCR Station, St. Thomas, June, 1916. c3 Photo - Cpl. Ellis Wellwood Sifton, VC, son of James J. Sifton of Wallacetown (residing in Dutton in 1927). c4 Photo - S.S. 16 Bayham (Corinth school) the oldest school then (1927) in use in Elgin County, soon to be replaced by a new school then (1927) under construction. Page 23 ("Elgin County is Noted for its Good Roads") c1 Article - History of Elgin County's roads, including outmoded toll roads and recent improvements. c1 Photo - Stalter Gully Bridge, Nova Scotia Line, South Malahide - built on "quicksand"; designed by County Engineer James A. Bell; in 1927 considered the greatest feat of engineering on the County road system. c2 Photo - Bridge over the Otter Creek in Bayham Township. c6 Photo - Holidayers at the Picnic Grounds on Invererie Heights, Port Stanley. c7 Photo - Home of S. D. Robinson near West Lorne. FOURTH SECTION Page 1 (St. Thomas, The Railway City) c1 Photo - Talbot St., St Thomas in 1867 looking east (Cameron Collection B-5). c2 Photo - MCR steam locomotive train approaching St. Thomas; caption has detailed statistical information about the railway services in Elgin County in 1927. c3 Photo - City Hall & Carnegie Library, St Thomas. c5 Photo - Talbot St. St Thomas in 1927, looking east from Hincks St. Page 2 (History of St. Thomas) c1 Article - History of St Thomas; became village in 1852, town in 1861 and city in 1881. c1 Photo - Market Square, St Thomas ca. 1880 (Cameron Collection H-2). c1 Photo - Southeast corner of Stanley and Talbot Streets, St Thomas in 1927. c4 Photo - Thomas Arkell, Mayor of St Thomas in 1867. c5 Photo - View of St Thomas at West Talbot Hill in 1867 (Cameron Collection A-3). c6 Photo - John Handford, Mayor of St Thomas in 1927. c7 Photo - Same view as in c5 photo in 1927, with MCR Bridge at right. c4 Advertisement: Goodwin's Furniture House, established 1870, 456 Talbot St., St. Thomas. Page 3 (History of St. Thomas) c1 Article - History of St. Thomas, once known as Stirling. c1-8 Photos (4) - panoramic views of St. Thomas, looking east from across the Kettle Creek valley (Cameron Collection A-13 and A-17), and photos showing the same scenes ca. 1927. c5 Article - List of Reeves and Mayors in St Thomas 1852 - 1927 c1 Illustrated advertisement: Green Lumber Co., White St., St. Thomas, "Elgin County's largest lumber distributors", "Builders of better homes in St. Thomas since 1870". Page 5 (History of St. Thomas) c1 Article - St Thomas Industry: Armand Co., St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd. (established ca. 1916 by A.E. Ponsford and W.K. Cameron KC), St. Thomas Bronze Co., Canada Iron Foundries Ltd., Dominion Brake Shoe Co. Ltd., Nursery Shoe Co. Ltd., Talbot Shoe Co. Ltd., Empire Milling Co. (Empire Mills), Oriental Flour Co. (E.A. Horton), C. Norsworthy Co. Ltd. (the Red Foundry), Thomas Brothers (W.F., A.E. and H.C. Thomas), Canada Wood products Co. (W.F. Thomas), Western Woodenware Co. (A.E. Thomas), National Woodenware Co. (H.C. Thomas), Canadian Woodenware Co., J.H. Still Co., Elgin Handles Ltd. (George P. Smith), Green Lumber Co., Sanders & Bell Lumber Co., G.A. Oldreive Lumber Co., Monarch Knitting Co. Ltd., St. Thomas Box Co. Ltd. (in the old Lindop Mill, Moore St.), St. Thomas Metallic Vault Co. Ltd., Federal Combustion Corporation Ltd. (making oil burners for furnaces), Air Tight Manufacturing Co. John Clutton; making patching material for auto tires), Edison Phonograph Co. operating on a section of the main floor in the former Thomas Brothers Broom Factory, Erie Iron WorksWestern Dairy and Provision Co. (James H. Bristow), St. Thomas City Dairy (A.F. Youngs & Son), Yarmouth Dairy (C.P. Morrison), St. Thomas Sheet Metal Works, Lewis Furnace and Sheet Metal Works, St. Thomas Ice and Cold Storage Co. (in the St. Thomas Packing Co. plant), Sutherland Press Ltd., Municpal World Ltd. c1 Photo - Steam generating plant, Michigan Central Railway shops, including the "tallest chimney in St. Thomas". c4 Photo - Home of Dr Douglas S. Carrie, 52 Stanley St., St Thomas "on the site of the old Spohn dwelling"). c4 Photo - Home of William C. Rowland, 50 William St., St. Thomas. c7 Photo - second Post Office and Green residence, Talbot St., St Thomas, Metcalfe to Elgin block (includes detailed history of their construction & use). c7 Photo - Grand Central Hotel, St Thomas (built on site of Green residence cited above). c1 Illustrated advertisement: R.H. Blackmore Hardware, 290-294 Talbot St., St. Thomas. c4 Illustrated advertisement: Dick Dinner Bicycle Sales and Repair, 321 Talbot St., St. Thomas (opposite the Grand Central Hotel). Page 6 (St. Thomas Churches) c1 Article - Trinity Anglican Church, St Thomas erected in 1877 - Photo c1 Photo - Rev. Canon J. W. J. Andrew of Trinity Church, St Thomas c1 Photo - Old English Church/Old St. Thomas Church, St Thomas erected in 1824 c1 Article - Broderick Memorial Baptist Church, Fifth Avenue, St Thomas dedicated in 1914 c1 Photo - Rev. Charles W. King of Broderick Memorial Baptist Church, St Thomas c5 Article - St. John's Anglican Church, Balaclava St., St Thomas. Two churches: April 13, 1873 & May 22, 1910 - photo of 1910 building. c5 Photo - Rev. J. A. Davis of St John's Anglican Church, St Thomas. c5 Photo - Rev. W. F. Brownlee of St John's Anglican Church, St Thomas. c5 Article - Centre St. Baptist Church, St Thomas - Photo. c5 Photo - Rev. O. C. Elliott (deceased) of Centre St. Baptist Church, St Thomas. c5 Photo - Rev. William Raithby of Centre St. Baptist Church, St Thomas. Page 7 (St. Thomas Churches) c1 Article - Holy Angels Church, St Thomas - Photo. "Holy Angels Church is this year [1927] celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first mass said in St. Thomas [1827]. c1 Photo - Monsignor T. West of Holy Angels Church. c1 Article - First Methodist Church, St Thomas - Photo. Capsule history of Methodism in St. Thomas since ca. 1816. c1 Photo - Rev. Dr. Martin of First Methodist Church/ First United Church, St Thomas. c5 Article - Grace United Church, St Thomas - Photo. Originally the Balaclava St. congregation of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Property deeded October 14, 1873. First church building constructed 1873. Last service in original building held June 27, 1909 - then demolished. Sod turned for new building on July 23, 1909; cornerstone laid by Rev. Dr. Gundy on September 21, 1909; and new church dedicated on June 12, 1910. List of ministers serving since 1910. c5 Photo - Rev J. N. Gould of Grace United Church, St Thomas. c5 Article - Alma St. Presbyterian Church, St Thomas - Photo. Located at intersection of Alma and Kains Streets. Cornerstone laid April 13, 1891; opened on May 24, 1891; expanded 1892. List of ministers serving since 1892. c5 Photo - Rev D. C. Soules of Alma St. Presbyterian Church, St Thomas. Page 8 (St. Thomas Churches) c1 Article - The Salvation Army, St Thomas established in 1883 - Photo of the Citadel on St. Catharine St., built in 1885. c1 Photo - Capt. Holloway (deceased) of The Salvation Army, St Thomas. c1 Photo - Adj. Joseph Woolcott of The Salvation Army, St Thomas. c1 Article - Church of Christ (Disciples), St Thomas erected in 1879 - Photo. c1 Photo - Rev. Lewis C. Hammond of Church of Christ (Disciples), St Thomas. c2 Photos - past and present Broderick Memorial Baptis Mission churches. c5 Article - St Luke's Church, St Thomas opened in September 1917 - Photo. c5 Photo - Rev. A. Cunningham of St Luke's Church, St Thomas c5 Article - St Andrew's United Church, St Thomas established in 1925; church dedicated on March 14, 1926 - Photo. c5 Photo - Rev A. E. A. Menzies of St Andrew's United Church, St Thomas. c5 Article - Knox Presbyterian Church, St Thomas erected in 1887 - Photo. c5 Photo - Rev J. M. Laird of Knox Presbyterian Church, St Thomas. Page 9 (How Confederation was Celebrated in St. Thomas) c1 Article - Dominion Day celebrations in St Thomas and Port Stanley. c2 Article - Liberal newspaper Canadian Home Journal attack on Tory Premier of Ontario J.S. Macdonald during official visit August 15, 1867. c2 Photo - Archibald McLachlin, publisher of the Canadian Home Journal, St Thomas. c4 Article - Excerpts from "gossipy paragraphs in the Canadian Home Journal, St. Thomas, in 1867". c8 Photos - P. R. Williams & A. R. Williams of P.R. Williams & Son Funeral Home, St Thomas. c1 Illustrated advertisement: Tomlin's Shoe Store, 393 Talbot St., St. Thomas. c4 Advertisement: St. Thomas Greenhouses (established 1890), Ralph Crocker, F.T.D. Florist, prop., 45 St. Anne's Place, St. Thomas. c4 Illustrated advertisement: West End Paint Shop, E. Duncan Latham, prop., 282 Talbot St., St. Thomas. c5 Illustrated advertisement: Arthur J. Ship, butcher, 359 Talbot St., St. Thomas. c8 Illustrated advertisement: P.R. Williams & Son Funeral Service, 519 Talbot St., St. Thomas. Page 10 c1 Article - Railroading in St Thomas Page 11 c3 Photo - MCR Roundhouse, St Thomas c7 Photo - Walter H. Flynn, son of M. L. Flynn of St Thomas c8 Photo - Donald R. McBain of St Thomas Page 12 c1 Article - Civic Affairs in St Thomas in 1867 c1 Photo - Talbot St., St Thomas c1 Photo - Nathan J. Griffith & Leonard B. Sifton of Griffith & Sifton Funeral Home, St Thomas Page 13 c1 Article - Fire fighting in St Thomas c2 Photo - Alex 'Sandy' Henderson, chief of St Thomas Fire Department c4 Photo - St Thomas Hydro Electric Commission c7 Article - 1866 - 1870 Fenian Raid Veterans living in St Thomas - Dr J. H. Coyne; Daniel Ferguson; A. R. MacDonald; Tom Johnston; E. H. Switzer; Ben Battram; John Hopkins; John Kains; James Barnes; Norman Munro; John Garvin; William H. Foote Page 14 c1 Photo - George P. Burke of the 1867 St Thomas Despatch newspaper c4 Photo - Talbot St. in 1867 and 1927 Page 15 c1 Article - Sports of Confederation c3 Photo - St Thomas Golf and Country Club at Union instituted in 1923 Page 16 c1 Article - Jumbo killed September 15 1885 - Photo Page 17 c1 Article - Review of Confederation year by St Thomas Home Journal of Jan 2 1868 Page 18 c1 Article - Business Men of St Thomas in 1867
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